PACKAGE Normally, we have been exporting our tires with Japanese hang tag for our market.
Our retails prices, our own brand name and item numbers etc. are stated on the tag.

Of course, we can change the tag in OEM. When you hope to distribute our tires under your brand name, please supply us the tag. Or, we can print the tag in accordance with your artwork. The printing mould charges etc. will be claimed to you.
MINIMUM 100 sets per item. We can accept to ship smaller than this minimum.
SHIPMENT We can ship orders in any shipping manner. Please let us know what shipping manners are favorable for you; aircargo, air mail parcel etc.

Our export prices are nett (ex-factory). So, we add the following charges onto amount of orders, depending order amount.

Bank charges by TT : Yen3,000
Paypal charges : actual
In addtion - Customs broker fee b
                    approx. Yen10,000 (In case of all charges collect, we donot add Yen10,000)

Parcel Post : Actual postage. Please check postage from the following site


PAYMENT T/T ONLY (L/C is not accepted)

         Our bank : Resona Bank, Horikiri Branch, Tokyo, Japan  Account No. 0954961
ACCOUNTEE : Shimizu Kanagata Ltd.

    FOR SMALL AMOUNT :  PAYPAL ACCOUNT : shimizu_pitpit@yahoo.co.jp
    AS TO PAYPAL, PLEASE REFER www.paypal.com


We donot issue any agreement for exclusive.  But, we guarantee we donot offer any other parties in your country, during we receive continuous orders from you.